BTS Group Speak From the UN: It is not correct to say ‘the lost generation’


BTS group, who was chosen as a special envoy by the government in South Korea and has a diplomatic passport, once again took the microphone at the UN. A video of the band members performing after their speeches was also shown. BTS has objections to calling young people a ‘lost generation‘ due to Covid-19.

The South Korean BTS group, which called out to young people in 2018 when they first took the podium at the UN and said “Tell me about yourself”, and told how they coped with the pandemic in the session they attended online due to the coronavirus last year, is once again in the same halls with world leaders.

Hosted by President Moon Jae-in for being named the ‘Special Envoy for Future Generations and Culture’ last week, the band members, who were awarded the culture medal two years ago for their global success with their music and communication with their fan base ARMY, traveled abroad for the first time with their diplomatic passports. output.

BTS members who attended the Decade of ActioUN General Assembly with Moonn for Sustainable Development Goals meeting at the  made a joint speech.

Highlights from the group’s speech are as follows:

  • In the past 2 years, we have sometimes felt stunned, but there were also those who shouted, “Let’s keep living, let’s enjoy this moment”.
  • The world has changed in such a way that it is as if we were all suddenly teleported to a parallel universe. We mourned what Covid-19 took from us, we realized how precious every moment we ignore is actually.
  • Everyone agrees that climate change is a major problem, but it’s hard to decide which is the best solution.
  • I saw that many young people are interested in environmental issues and even prefer to go to this school. The future is an unexplored world.
  • I hope we don’t perceive the future as just pitch black. There are people who worry about the world and are looking for answers. There are still blank pages about us in this story, we shouldn’t talk as if the end of the story has been written and finished.
  • I have heard that young people in their 10s and 20s are referred to as the ‘lost generation’ due to Covid-19. It is said that they lost their way, that they wasted their time. I think these are exaggerations.
  • In these pictures you see children trying to learn new things. They are not ‘lost’. They find courage in themselves and embark on new challenges.
  • It would be more accurate to say ‘the generation that embraced it’ rather than ‘the lost generation‘ because instead of being afraid of change, this generation says “Welcome” and tries to move forward.
  • If we have full faith in possibilities and hope, even if unexpected things happen, we will not lose our way, we will find a new way instead.
  • We’re going to make some choices, they won’t be perfect choices, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing more we can do.
  • Isn’t it the choices we make when faced with change that really matter? Some of you were wondering if we were vaccinated. Yes, all seven of us have been vaccinated.
  • We thought the world had stopped, but it keeps turning. I believe that every choice we make is the beginning of change. I hope we can say “Welcome” to each other in this new world.

A video of the band performing their last English song ‘Permission To Dance’ was also shown. The song, in which the band members also used sign language in their clip, contains hopeful messages that the coronavirus pandemic will end.

BTS, who released their latest album ‘Be’ in 2020, will also be releasing the song ‘My Universe’ with Coldplay on September 24.

BTS, who has only one Grammy nomination, is running a campaign called ‘Love Myself’ for children and teenagers with UNICEF.


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