BTS: All About Group Inspired Exhibition in Kildren Exhibition

BTS: All About Group Inspired Exhibition. Although is still working on the last pieces will show, Kildren has received a lot of support from ARMY.

The artist Kildren has become a faithful follower of BTS, he has said it through his networks where, in addition to sharing paintings inspired by the members of the group, he began to take requests from fans who asked him to continue with his work. referring to these idols. Although the artist says that his schedule tends to be busy, these pieces became part of the activities that Kildren does for fun during time at home and, due to the support he has had on social networks, he has decided to take these artistic samples to the next level.

Kildren is preparing an exhibition where he will show the original paintings that fans have seen on networks, but he will also soon have finished the rest of the pieces that will be seen for the first time through his exhibition.

Due to the interest it has generated, the artist and painting teacher has had to specify that it is simply a sample of his creations, so none of the works will be for sale since it is a non-profit event .

There will be 21 pieces that will be part of this exhibition , forming 3 different collections made by Kildren. The event will take place in Cheongdam, Seoul, but the rest of the details will be disclosed through the painter’s social networks, so don’t forget to follow him on Instagram to stay informed.

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