BTS gives their first concert in Korea and dedicates these words to ARMY


The first concert of BTS Permission to Dance: Seoul began and the members of this famous group said goodbye to ARMY showing their feelings about it.

After two and a half years of not holding concerts in South Korea, K-Pop group Bangtan Sonyeondan kicked off their ‘Permission to Dance: Seoul’ concert series in the city of Seoul, South Korea.

After it was reported that the K-Pop group BTS would launch three dates to perform before an audience in their home country, the members prepared in the best way and gave the first concert in South Korea, at the Olympic Stadium. These concerts will take place on the following days of March, 12 and 13.


The members of this talented K-Pop group gave their words at the end of the concert, being a farewell, where the members made known their concerns and how they felt about it, due to two and a half years of absenteeism in front of K-ARMY . We are certainly very happy to see these guys.

J-Hope’s words.

The interpreter of EGO, J-Hope, manifested himself asking ARMY how he was and asked him to applaud in response. J-Hope commented that he hadn’t been feeling well, as he had concerns about COVID-19 and was looking forward to the day this would end, but there was no end to the aforementioned illness. Fortunately, all these thoughts vanished when J-Hope saw ARMY

He had thought about how to prepare surprises for his fans and after so long, they did online concerts, but they knew very well that they needed an audience present and thus the most complete concerts.

He appreciated ARMY’s assistance, as it made his fears go away, and that he had missed them so much. He confessed that this first concert was very significant for him.

Jungkook’s farewell

Jungkook began his speech by saying that two and a half years had passed since he had seen ARMY and without a doubt, the maknae felt nervous, so much so that he could not sleep, so he decided to think about what to say in the speech and the poor interpreter I couldn’t sleep because of it. He felt very happy to be able to see ARMY, although not completely, due to the use of masks and he stated that he had missed his fans.

V’s words

V kicked off his farewell by mentioning the dust around him and the reason he was coughing so much was because of that and not because he tested positive for COVID, again, so don’t worry ARMY. V had high expectations of him and thought it best to have fun.

He commented that when he managed to hear ARMY clap and not his voice, it only made him want to hear more ARMY screams. So V, hope that soon he can listen, clap and shout ARMY.

Jimin’s farewell.

Jimin introduced himself as a 2nd grade student, Parallel 5, Jimin. Tender, right?

He mentioned the time that had passed and how much he had been waiting to see ARMY again and how much he had missed having his fans close, although it was rare to see ARMY at the sound check, he knew that he was really in his home and that made him very happy.

The interpreter of ‘Home’ admitted that he felt sad that he could not hear the voices of his army, but that all that went away when the idol saw them again in the stadium and felt happy. He also appreciated ARMY’s presence despite how cold he was.

Suga’s words

Another member who appreciated the presence of ARMY was the rapper Suga. Yoongi started his speech by commenting on how long it had been since there was no live concert in South Korea. He commented that better moments would come and that he couldn’t wait for it, he also thanked the presence of ARMY and also the people who watched the concert online. It ended with an I love you!

Jin’s speech

Without a doubt, the oldest of BTS said goodbye in the following way, Jin commented that he had worked very hard to return to the concerts in South Korea, he did not know if they should change the setlist of the concerts, but they decided not to, so that K- ARMY has been able to witness the songs that were presented in the United States, where they were presented long ago.

He mentioned that he was worried about the weather condition, since it was very cold, but he calmed down when he saw that everyone was wearing coats, he thanked the presence of ARMY and said goodbye wishing that they always stay healthy.

Parting words from leader RM

Without a doubt, the RM leader could not be left behind with his speech. So RM started by saying that it wasn’t easy. That he hadn’t realized how precious it was to jump up and be together. Namjoon mentioned that they had a lot of restrictions, but they finally had this concert going and he was very happy.

He commented that the stage was his true home. This fact makes him very happy and it will be fun to remember it, so it will certainly be something to tell his children.

He also thanked the presence of ARMY and asked them to go home safe and ended with: You are the ones who complement the song, no matter where you are!

Without a doubt these words have convinced us how important it is for BTS, face-to-face concerts, it is definitely no one’s fault that their projects have been postponed, we are very happy that they finally carry them out and we can’t wait to continue seeing them shine to the bangtan boys.