BTS gives emotional speech at the UN Assembly


BTS moved the world population with their speech at the 75th United Nations General Assembly, the idols spoke about the impact of social isolation on their lives and the courage their fans need to continue dreaming in the midst of difficult times.

Jin, Jin, Jungkook, J-Hope, V, Suga and RM, as well as K-pop stars, have become spokespersons for different social campaigns, which seek to eradicate violence and promote self-esteem among young people.

Today, in the morning, the 75th General Assembly of the United Nations was held, where the band of the company Big Hit Entertainment was invited to give a speech on the importance of this world historical moment and its impact on future generations. .

The idols are part of the UN Group of Friends of Solidarity for Global Health Security and the image of the ‘BTS Love Myself’ campaign, so their message is of utmost importance to raise awareness about international issues.

This 75th United Nations General Assembly was different, as the speakers were presented remotely, through online meetings.


Henrietta Fore was in charge of introducing the members of BTS, she is the executive director of UNICEF, the diplomat spoke about the current situation in the world, referring to young people as a hope for the future.

RM was the first to deliver her speech, thanked UNICEF for the invitation to speak at the Assembly, the idol began by recalling his  past message two years ago and said:

As a boy from a small town in Ilsan, South Korea and now as a man in this General Assembly, as a citizen of the world, I envisioned the limitless possibilities before us and my heart beat too hard

Namjoon spoke about the ravages of the pandemic, such as the cancellation of BTS’s world tour, the artist’s plans fell apart due to strict sanitary rules to control the disease.

Jimin explained that before he could be close to fans, at concerts and other activities, now he spends time in his room, but he is satisfied that he has found the right time and space to talk with the people he loves, to be together in the room. distance.

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Suga began by saying that perhaps the pandemic made life simple for the first time, Yoongi spoke about his experience on world tours, but now she acknowledges that what she appreciates most are his instruments and fans.

Taehyung revealed that at the beginning of the social isolation he felt small, lonely and at times frustrated, he decided to use that free time he had to write songs, take notes and think about who he really was.

J-Hope said that they embraced all their emotions and started making new music, the Bangtan Boys rapper commented in his speech:

It’s where music comes from, this is what makes us honest. We don’t know all the answers, but I know where I want to go. Now we believe in ourselves, I do my best and I love what I do

Kim Seok Jin found again his loved ones, his bandmates, his family, his friends, the music he loves, he found himself, he got to know himself more and in depth:

I think about the future and I think that we will all do our best, it is important to value yourself, cheer up and stay happy, this is the most important thing

Jungkook said that we currently live in uncertainty, but nothing has changed much, the idol of Big Hit Entertainment ended by saying:

If there is something I can do is give people strength with my voice, we want to stay that way

The leader of BTS ended this emotional message, invited his fans not to decay, not hide and not feel lost:

We are going to reimagine the world, we are going to do it together, we are going to dream again, we are going to dream about the future when your words come out of their little rooms again.

Jin, Jin, Jungkook, J-Hope, V, Suga, and RM ended with an emotional phrase:

Life goes on, let’s live it

The nominees for the 2020 Billboard Music Awards were recently announced and the boys of BTS are among the stars that could be winners of a statuette.


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