BTS gets its seventh win with ‘ON’


BTS gets its seventh win with ‘ON’. The boys were favorites this week in the Music Core program.

The group was crowned again as the number 1, this time it was in the MBC music program, Music Core , where their promotional single from the album Map of the soul: 7 gave them their number 7 trophy for the promotions of this record material.

The boys were not present at the show on this channel, however that did not prevent ‘ON’ from being nominated to win this week’s win, for which they competed again with Fiesta de IZ*ONE and Any Song by Zico.

Recall that, as the boys have mentioned since before releasing this album, the number 7 is very important for them in this era , so they will surely celebrate their seventh win and the arduous work of their fans around the world.

With pre-sale records, high numbers on the charts and the number of wins the group has accumulated, the success of the most famous idol group around the world has been demonstrated once again.


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