BTS gets a perfect All-Kill with Dynamite


The support that fans gave to Dynamite brought BTS a new record within music platforms in South Korea. The release of Dynamite became a great joy for BTS fans around the world, who gave their support to the new video and tune of the idol group. The Bangtan Sonyeondan boys set some records after their premiere and one of them was on Korean music platforms.

After its premiere, Dynamite scored a perfect All Kill within Korean music sites, showing the popularity of the group from Big Hit Entertainment.

As you know, South Korea has its own music charts that reflect the popularity of a song after its release, all according to the attention that this melody attracts from the various music sites in that country.

By getting a perfect All Kill, Dynamite became number one on all the music sites and platforms used in this country.

Although BTS had already achieved this achievement with other of their melodies, it gained greater relevance because it is the first song performed in English with which a Korean artist or group achieves a perfect All Kill. Wow

BTS will release new versions of Dynamite, although they have already revealed what this tune sounds like in an EDM remix and an acoustic version, the boys of Bangtan Sonyeondan also prepared two other remixes that you can listen to very soon.

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