BTS has fun during your visit to Connect


BTS has fun during your visit to Connect. This was the funny reaction of the Bangtan Boys to live with one of the exhibitions of their creative project.

As a new tool to promote its most recent comeback , with ‘Map of the Soul: 7’, BTS conducted a joint campaign with artists, exhibitors, curators and gallery owners to launch ‘ Connect BTS’ , so that their fans, followers and interested people will get closer to artistic expressions.

In ‘ Connect BTS ‘ there were many creative activities around the world, there are 5 cities: London, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Seoul and New York, which integrate the vision and creativity of 22 artists, with whom BTS worked for this project.

BTS has just shared a video through YouTube, on its official channel ‘ BANGTANTV ‘, where the boys live with a very particular exhibition , part of ‘ Connect BTS ‘, the explosion consisted of a wall full of smartphones.

In the ‘Galaxy Wall’ , the members took pictures and had a good time full of fun playing the different phones, they were very surprised to see the activity of ‘ Connect ‘.

Recently V commented that they are not interested in their fans breaking records or brands, but what they really want is for their followers to understand the message they are carrying through their songs and music.

Check out the full video :


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