BTS: For this reason Jimin is considered a fashion ICON


If anyone from BTS has shown great taste in dressing, it’s Jimin.

If we were to list the most stylish members of BTS, then Jimin would top the list.

He is a very talented dancer and singer and has great taste in choosing the right outfit. There is nothing you cannot easily accomplish.

From minimalist fashion to wearing pastel colors, you can play with your outfits and transform them into perfection, highlighting one of the most beautiful parts of your physique which is your face.

Some of Jimin’s best outfits

There are numerous outfits that Jimin has worn, each one unique and different from the other. An elite schoolboy look? Well, it already has. With a pink jacket and looks, he certainly looks like a spoiled, elite-rich schoolboy.

Well what’s the most stylish way you can think of to wear a shirt? Jimin has taken the shirt game up a notch with extra dangling pieces that make the garment look perfect.

The most unforgettable outfit Jimin ever wore was a half jacket. Yes, you heard that right, a half jacket made him look too sexy and formally sexy.

No one can put together an outfit as correct and irresistibly sexy as Jimin. Either a bad boy outfit or with clothes to look like a good boy. You certainly know how to juggle outfits.

The members of BTS have learned over the years to impose their own styles, and with it, get their millions of followers to imitate or be inspired by their looks when dressing.

If you are ARMY, surely on more than one occasion you have been left with your mouth open when you see ChimChim go from an elegant and serious image, to something more casual or daring. Do you consider Jimin as one of the best dressed of the BangTan? At Somagnews we want to know your opinion.

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