BTS: Find out what is Jungkook’s nickname for RM


Jungkook revealed to J-Hope what the nickname he will call RM by for all eternity.

While 2020 has been an incredible year for BTS and it promises to be even better in the second half, 2019 was a monumental moment for the septet as well. Hence, we got BTS Memories of 2019, which is packed with behind-the-scenes videos of song sessions, photo shoots, backstage at concerts, etc.

ARMY has gone crazy over the little moments shared between the members as we watch their bond grow stronger with each passing year. There was one moment in particular, backstage in the dining room, that struck a chord with many.

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This is what Jungkook says to RM

In the snippet, which was shared by fellow ARMY member @kookpics, we see RM, J-Hope, and Jungkook making a quick snack to eat. During their conversation, Kookie refers to the Bangtan leader as Rapmon hyung to which Hobi asks:

“Will you keep calling him Rapmon?” The Golden Maknae, for whom Namjoon is his first and last role models, proudly states, “For me he will be Rapmon hyung forever. Just give up now. I will always call him Rapmon hyung.”

This is not the first time BTS has talked about Kookie’s nickname for Namjoon. During an episode of Bon Voyage Season 4 in New Zealand, Jimin had pointed out, “For Jungkook, RM will always be his Rapmon hyung. Even when we get old, he will call him Rapmon hyung.”

All the boys of BTS usually have different nicknames, whether they have given them to themselves or the ARMY themselves are the ones who “baptize” idols with funny, cute nicknames and even on some of their musical themes.

As the BangTan prepare for the release of Dynamite, the single that will begin its phase with songs entirely in English, fans are entertained by videos from the past and the same old hits. Do you think BTS’s new song will be a worldwide hit?

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