BTS fights for Jungkook’s attention


BTS fights for Jungkook’s attention. The friendship between BTS is great.

BTS has a great friendship, the boys have shown the admiration and brotherhood they have with each other on various occasions, even on their latest album there is a song called “Friends”.

However, there are times when they tend to get jealous of each other, we tell you what it is about.

During his special video “Golden Closet film” , recorded in the city of Helsinki, Finland. Amidst the recordings of the project that Jungkook made , some of the members wanted to go out in every possible shot, something similar to what they did with Jin when he tried to take a selfie recently.

In the video, she is seen to Jimin, Jin Hoseok and struggling to get a picture while recording Kookie.

Taking advantage of BTS’s journey to one of the most beautiful Nordic countries, Jungkook made an emotional video accompanied by the song “To Each His Own”, the idol not only captured beautiful moments between BTS , but also the scenes of jealousy that reach to have.


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