BTS and FESTA 2020, you need to know about this celebration


BTS and FESTA 2020, everything you need to know about this celebration FESTA 2020 is getting closer, the annual BTS event will come with incredible moments to celebrate with its fans. If you have followed this idol group for a long time you should already know what it is about, but if it is the first time that you experience an event like this, here we explain everything you should know .


Every year BTS holds a celebration commemorating the date the group debuted and began their careers. For this reason, FESTA always occurs around the same dates, but each edition of the celebration is completely different from the previous one.

The members of BTS and Big Hit prepare a series of surprises that present fans for several days. Unlike events like BANG BANG CON, FESTA does not have a long duration within a few days, but for a season, BTS releases some materials dedicated to their fans.

These are very diverse activities , so one day they can premiere some photo sessions, while another presents solo songs, sub units, choreography or some special filming in honor of their anniversary.


Through FESTA , BTS shares their joy after having celebrated one more anniversary as a group, but it is also a way of thanking their loyal fans for all the support they have given them, rewarding them with great surprises that will give them joy.


Due to the diversity of content that BTS prepares for this event, it will be important that you follow the account of this idol group on all social networks : Twitter, Facebook, Instagram Weverse, V App, YouTube, etc. You can activate notifications to find out the first time they publish a new update.

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Stay connected to the internet, you don’t need to update the pages all the time looking for news, but having your phone with a battery and connected to the internet will help you receive the news at the right time.


In previous editions of this event, BTS has shared different experiences with their fans, since in addition to demonstrating their talents, it is also a time to talk about their lives and reveal some secrets.

During FESTA 2019, the seven BTS members had a fun meeting in an attic , where they answered questions from fans and talked about stories from their childhood. In addition, a family photo was taken that unleashed different theories deciphered by ARMY.

For its part, FESTA 2018 gave us incredible presentations, among which the show that Jimin and Jungkook presented with the song Black or White stood out .

Also, in this same issue, BTS members dressed up as their BT21 characters and sang Anpanman for their fans.


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