BTS fans create gifts for Dynamite’s success on Billboard


ARMY decided to celebrate BTS’s entry into Billboard’s Hot 100 music chart with ‘Dynamite’ and had some special gifts made for K-pop idols.

Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, J-Hope, Suga, RM, and V are promoting the single ‘Dynamite’ internationally, a different project in their career, as it is a track entirely in English and its concept is inspired by retro pop culture .

The MV for ‘Dynamite’ was released in August and immediately broke streaming records on YouTube, becoming one of the most listened to songs on music platforms around the world. The success of BTS does not stop there, as they performed at the MTV Video Music Awards, where they performed their single for the first time, making their official debut at the magnificent awards ceremony.

Some fans of the Bangtan Boys decided to celebrate the great impact of ‘Dynamite’ and each of their triumphs achieved so far, ARMY created some very unique gifts that will be of great help to all the performers of ‘ON’.

A follower of the K-pop band published some images through social networks, in the photos there are several custom colored bath towels, in them embroidered phrases such as the name of the group and the date on the that the boys of BTS achieved first place on Billboard’s Hot 100 music chart with ‘Dynamite’.


The fan commented that she had chosen those shades and typography so that the towels looked very retro and that they combined with the most recent concept of the Bangtan Boys. These gifts are yet another sign of the affection ARMY has for their favorite idols.

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Why did ARMY decide to give towels to BTS? In South Korea these types of household items are usually damaged in an important event, such as a birthday or the commemoration of a very important achievement in someone’s life, so towels custom were chosen to celebrate all the achievements of the song ‘Dynamite’.

BTS’s success is unstoppable and the idols from Big Hit Entertainment have already managed to get their third win on Korean music shows with the single ‘Dynamite’, TXT’s Soobin brought their award home to them.


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