There is no doubt that the union between BTS and ARMY is huge and goes beyond any border. Bangtan has shared many things with his fans and something that is very symbolic for both parties is purple, the official color of the band and which obtained a very special meaning three years ago. This day is very important for ARMY since the third anniversary of the phrase ‘I Purple You’ is celebrated. OMG!

It all started on November 13, 2016 when the Munster was held, the second fanmeeting organized by Bangtan and which is now a very special tradition for them. During the concert, V made history by establishing the official meaning of the color purple. Taehyung began his emotional speech by asking his fans if they knew what purple meant and continued turning this color into a promise of eternal love. Aww!

BTS fans did not let this moment go unnoticed and turned the #IPurpleYouDay hastag into a trend to celebrate this iconic moment. ARMY recalled the day when Taehyung established a special meaning for the color purple, a moment that they will never forget. Many also took the opportunity to remember how important BTS is for them and how they have changed their lives.

BTS has become an icon of self-esteem and its message continues to reach millions of people around the world. For three years, everything is different and several cities and important monuments have lit purple in honor of Bangtan.

Taehyung and BTS promised ARMY that they would be there forever and that they would trust them at all times. Although they are not by your side all the time, it is a promise that will remain in force for the rest of their lives.