BTS: Fans call for Jungkook to have his own reality show


Jungkook from the hit group BTS tops the list of celebrities who should have their own reality show. Would you like it to happen?

Jungkook, the youngest idol of the k-pop group BTS, came in at the top of the list of celebrities who need a reality show.

Exciting DC conducted a poll asking netizens which star needed their own solo reality show, and more than 10,000 people voted.

Jungkook surpassed # 1 with 50% of the votes, showing that fans and netizens want to see the BTS member on his own series.

Although he appeared on reality shows like ‘Run BTS!’ and ‘In the SOOP’ with his group, fans have expressed that they would like to see him explore his favorite hobbies, from photography to painting.

At # 2 on the list with 36% is singer, actor and television personality Lee Seung Gi, at # 3 is actor Kim Soo Hyun with 5% of the votes, at # 4 is Red Velvet, Irene with 3% of the votes, at # 5 is Suzy with 3%, at # 6 is IU with 1%, and at # 7 is Kang Dong Won with 1%.

Jungkook’s popularity grows

A few days ago, Golden Maknae was also voted by fans as the idol who wisely spends his time in quarantine. Since ARMY believes that the idol has been creating new musician along with the rest of the BangTan Boys.

However, the public clearly wants to know a little more about Kookie’s private life. Although the k-pop group usually shows part of their life on their social networks, there are those who want to see what the idols are like separately.

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Jungkook’s fame has grown much more after the release of the song “Dynamite”. He recently celebrated his birthday and was celebrated with amazing shows, decorations and events that ARMY from all over the world put together for him. So if they were to premiere a reality show about Kookie’s life, would you watch it? And what other BangTan boy could have his own show too?


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