BTS fan inspires Taehyung to make a new song


BTS fan inspires Taehyung to make a new song. V received a heartwarming message from an ARMY on Weverse and promised to make a song soon, what will his new single be like?

Taehyung is working on a new special song for his fans and gave a short spoiler of what his new hit will be like. What inspired V to create it? ARMY .

Even though it’s been a long time since BTS was last on a stage or show near ARMY , idols have kept close to their fans by interacting with them through platforms like Twitter or Weverse , where V has become in the most active member in recent months and even received an award .

Taehyung has talked a lot about the release of his first mixtape that he’s working hard on, and while he doesn’t have an exact release date yet , he said he wanted to give his fans new music before the end of 2020.

Taehyung recently interacted with an ARMY who left him a very special letter on Weverse and after reading it, the idol assured that he will release a new song . What was the message saying that inspired V to write a new song? Keep reading to find out.

Through Weverse a fan of BTS very talented in the arts shared a drawing he made inspired by Taehyung . She portrayed V in different ways and with the outfits that characterize him so much. The girl wrote a long text that made more than one fan identify with how she felt about V and BTS .

The fan letter to V began by mentioning that it took her 5 days to finish her drawing , but that the reason she did so is because she is so grateful for all of Taehyung’s constant efforts to make his fans happy and that is something that cannot explain in words.

The way in which V shows his love for ARMY through his songs and all the affection she constantly gives them is something that the fan assures has changed the lives of thousands of people and the fact that she writes songs for them e invest time in that means a lot.

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The BTS fan concluded her letter by mentioning how much she is touched by hearing Taehyung’s voice and that she is very proud of him. He also assured that no matter what V does, ARMY is aware of how much he loves them and he as the boys of BTS make all his fans feel happy to have them.

After reading the words his fan wrote to his with great love, Taehyung was quick to reply to the girl that she would write a song as soon as possible.

Later, another fan asked V what the song he is working on would be like, if it was something melancholic or happy, to which the idol replied that it has the same vibe as the solo songs he has released so far. , a very unique style that characterizes Taehyung’s work and that ARMY has loved so much .

V commented that aside from containing his personal stamp, he is also exploring things he has not tried before and that he is sure his fans will love.

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