BTS faces a battle in the game of chairs


BTS faces a battle in the game of chairs. The BTS idols had fun playing on the new episode of the RUN show. BTS showed off their funniest and most playful side in the latest episode of the RUN show .

The members of BTS have had a few busy days , with rehearsals and the presentation of ‘Bang Bang Con: The Live’ their working days were lengthened to offer the best show to ARMY .

To forget about the pressures and enjoy the time as friends, Jimin, Jungkook, Jin, Suga, V, RM and J-Hope faced each other in a lively fight, the idols made the dynamics of the game of the chairs , but giving it a different touch .

They placed some gray cushions on the floor of the room where they were , when the music stopped each of the members had to sit on one to continue competing with their companions .

The idols took their best steps and there was no shortage of epic moments within the game, in the second round, when the music stopped playing, Jungkook and Jimin sat on the same cushion, causing Jimin to leave the game.

In this chapter of RUN , the boys created some special garments where they reflected their style and personality, while Jin glued some accessories to his garment, Suga joked with him, the rapper told him that it seemed that he was doing cardiopulmonary resuscitation to the clothes.

BTS’s Jimin recently wrote a lovely letter to ARMY for their seventh anniversary, the idol dedicated some heartfelt words to all his fans for their support and constant displays of love.


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