BTS, EXO, and SEVENTEEN top reputation charts


The Korea Institute of Corporate Reputation has revealed the groups that have topped the reputation charts for male idol groups in August. BTS ranks first with 8,924,775 followed by EXO with 2,523,066 and SEVENTEEN with 1,783,082.

Look at the TOP 10:






Teen Top


Super Junior



Take a look at the fan comments below:

She is mentioning SM fam here … so how can she include bts? Also everyone needs not to mention bts everywhere, it’s all personal preference … if you want you can mention them … stop asking others about not mentioning bts. Immature

I FEEL PROUD OF INFINITE … the group is currently not active because the members serve in the military, but the name of the group appears on this list every month … Bravo! Those who say Infinity Underrated … A BIG NO! They are still popular in South Korea … yes, I admit it for international fans who are less well known. By the way … where is Bigbang? I am an unconditional fan of the second generation group … VIPS..hello

Kings of kpop Exo 💕👑Exo are kpop legends and kings forever💚👑 congratulations to SM artists 👑

Hi, I’m just curious. I have been looking at this type of article for a few months since I am new to the world of kpop. But isn’t GOT7 considered a kpop group? I think they must be one of these groups. I don’t hate, I’m just wodering 😊💚

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