BTS: This is the everyday life of J-Hope


BTS: This is the everyday life of J-Hope. The idol has had a daily life after quarantine.

The quarantine may become bored or a little hartante, but follow the precautions that some countries have imposed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

BTS has been affected in their activities due to the disease, but the boys have managed to take advantage of their free time and away from the stage. J-Hope has had a few days to enjoy ordinary life and shares everything he does with ARMY .

Through Weverse , the idol explained what he does during these days. A fan asked how he currently feels, Hoseok admitted that he felt bored, who doesn’t? It is difficult but everything is for our safety.

The idol also shared that despite the situation we all live in, sometimes when the weather is good, he feels good, listens to music and spends time in his studio.

Although she can’t go shopping, J-Hope decided to rummage through her belongings and put on a watch she had never worn before. He also tested the theory of having something new and feeling a little happier, so he traded his old bag for a new one.

The idol is living the daily life , sometimes it is good to spend relaxation time and alone to discover many things, he is even thinking of trying his gamer side and playing “Animal Crossing”. What do you do to entertain yourself?