BTS: Epiphany İs Analyzed By An Expert and Discovers Jin’s Secret


BTS’s ‘Epiphany’ is a song full of emotion, why is it so loved by ARMY? Why is BTS’s ‘Epiphany’ so cool? An expert has analyzed the song and finds more clues as to why this band has a unique essence.

Each BTS song is special, unique, and different, they all have different moods and are for different moments in which they can cause us different emotions and feelings thanks to the voices, talents, and raps of our favorite K-Pop idols.

With their songs, Bangtan Sonyeondan has managed to reach the deepest part of ARMY and the emotions of the fandom explode even more when listening to the live versions of their favorite songs since the passion, love, and feelings of the artists can be felt in the air. at every live performance.

But what is Bangtan’s true secret to captivating all the senses of his fans? Many presentations give us goosebumps, but there is an explanation.


There is no doubt that the Bangtan Boys are talented, but they also have a special power to really convey their feelings through music and it is even more remarkable in a live performance, a vocal coach reacted to the performance of the song ‘Epiphany ‘ played by Jin; in this, the expert said that he could really feel the emotion, what the song said he could feel deeply.

“I think I get it now, I think I understand why BTS is so beloved because I think I had a little moment where I really felt it. This song is called Epiphany, all the lyrics are talking about self-love and you think it’s over. , we are in this transformation, the energy is returning, it is called ‘epiphany’ “.

BTS manages to touch the deepest chord of those who listen carefully, there are Bangtan songs for everything and ‘Epiphany’ is one of those that can make you feel a lot with a single composition.

If ‘Epiphany’ has touched you, or some other BTS song, you might want to send a letter to your idol favs to thank them for their amazing music, do you know how to do it?


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