BTS ensures that they will never change the way they are


The group does not want to lose its essence in the future. BTS affirms that they will never change their essence as a group , because they owe ARMY a lot.

The group appeared on the Japanese program SONGS, where they shared details of their new album and their next comeback, as well as their dreams in the future, they also discussed how they have changed in these years and the boys assured that they never want to lose their essence, We tell you what they said.

During the program,BTSwas questioned about his way of being, becausehis success in sales is comparable to that of The Beatles,but how have they changed in this time? The boys have always been clear that they do not have a role model, it is just them and their own dreams, so RM assured thathe does not want to forget why they started.

He added that their career has continued and what they are doing hasnot changed at all, as it is a way to repay the fans for all their support. Jungkook also answered the question and said that they have obviously transformed in these 7 years, but thatthey have not lost their essence, therefore, he is not concerned with being different.

The idol mentioned that he does not want their appearances to change either, that is, over the years they become more mature and adult boys, Jin is about to turn 28, (29 in Korean age).

At first J-Hope did not understand what he was referring to, although he is the youngest of the group, Kookie explained that he feels he is getting older, but he promised to take more care of himself and wants the members to do the same.

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On being together and being 7 members, Taehyung was grateful for not being alone , since he admits that he could not stand being just him . Jin assured that they are all as one person, they share the same dreams and they have all struggled to be on stage.

The boys also challenged ARMY to the TikTok Stay Gold Challenge , a way to help them and promote their album. Did you already share your video?


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