BTS eating donuts, the video you need to brighten your day


The band Beyond The Scene is very spoiled wherever they go and the producers of the MTV Fresh Out show treated the K-pop idols with delicious donuts before going on stage.

A few months ago, the boys of BTS were as special guests on the MTV Fresh Out show, a music program where they talked about their new projects, at that time they were promoting the record material ‘Map Of The Soul: 7’.

All Korean pop idols were very excited to reveal the secrets of their album, as well as the meaning of one of the fantastic promo songs for ‘MOTS7’, ‘ON’.

Before entering any show, the members of Beyond The Scene are very spoiled behind the scenes and in the dressing rooms there is always food, sweets and delicious snacks so that the artists will feel comfortable to go on screen.

The MTV Fresh Out show is famous for its ‘Green Room’, a room behind the scenes where guests wait before being required into the program, in the place there were drinks for all tastes, the singers and rappers did not hesitate a single second to enjoy a delicious donut.


Through the BANGTANTV channel on YouTube, a new video of the stars was published, in the clip you can see how the members of the staff of the MTV Fresh Out show prepared some appetizers for the interpreters of ‘Dynamite’.

In the dressing room there were large boxes of donuts, each package had 6 delicious pieces of this bread, the idols of the company Big Hit Entertainment could not resist taking more than one, in the video you can see a great variety of flavors such as chocolate, lemon, strawberry and the classic glazes.

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Kim Seokjin, J-Hope, and Jungkook argued over which was the best flavor and shared small donut snacks to convince their colleagues to have another piece of bread. Owww.

After a good dessert and to pass the sweet taste of the donut a bit, the idols had a hot glass of coffee, a drink that muffles the honeyed sensation that a delicious dessert leaves behind.

The fun ‘mukbang’ of the singers and rappers has so far had more than 1 million views, demonstrating the impact and great affection that ARMY has for the boys. YAY!

The boys of BTS rose to popularity at a very young age, so constantly thinking about their goals, recently Jin and Suga reflected on their life and fame as members of a K-pop band.


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