BTS doesn’t let Jin take pictures?


The boys played a funny joke on Jin.

BTS is already in Korea to carry out its promotions with “‘ Map of the Soul : 7”; The boys held their press conference and are ready for their tour that begins in April.

However, before fulfilling his agenda, Jin wanted to give the ARMY a couple of selfies , but it seems that nothing went as expected.

Through the account Twitter of BTS , the idol shared several photos group, but admitted that his teammates played one joke .

Jin wanted to take some selfies, but BTS was so happy that they decided to appear with him without asking permission, the idol said he tried, but they didn’t let him . LOL We don’t know how many times he fought, but it seems that he decided to give up and published the group portraits where his face appeared a little moved.

BTS’s friendship is very big and although Jin couldn’t share his selfies , they gave the ARMY adorable photos. Jimin, J-Hope, Jungkook and V had fun joking with Jin.

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