BTS: Do the BangTan Boys see Jin as a father figure?


Jin is the oldest member of BTS and that gives him a very important value in the group.

Kim Seok-jin, also popularly known by his stage name as Jin, is one of the seven famous members of the BTS boy band. He is a singer, songwriter and actor.

He has written and released three popular songs on the BTS album. Awake, Epiphany and Moon are his best works.

Jin is very talented and is known primarily for his falsetto and emotional vocal range that amazes fans with his extraordinary talent.

It is also very generous as well as incredibly popular. He is known to have contributed and donated to numerous social causes. He is working more for the animals and their care.

Is Jin like a father to his fellow BTS members?

Many know that Jin is called the father of the boys in the BTS band. And that is really true.

Being the oldest member of the group, the idol not only adapts to his job, but also to all the love and care he gives to the boys. He is always known to take care of BangTan members as if they were his younger siblings or almost children.

Seokjin has won the heart of ARMY every time the idol shows the great love he feels for his fellow K-Pop group members.

Although there is little left for Jin to temporarily separate from the Big Hit Entertainment band. As we have informed you in Somagnews, the Worldwide Handsome is about to enter his mandatory military service.

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However, the artist will have time to promote the group’s new album, which is called “BE” and which will be released this month. So ARMY will have time to say goodbye to BangTan Boys’ Oppa before he leaves the group for a while. Do you think Jin is an example for his classmates? What is your favorite idol song?


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