BTS: Did RM know about Dynamite’s success?


Through social media, South Korean act Kim Jiseok revealed an amazing moment with BTS’s RM.

The premiere of the song “Dynamite” by BTS, became one of the most anticipated themes of this 2020, so the idols have thanked the expressions of affection they have received for their new single, but a photograph shared by an actor South Korean revealed something about leader RM.

Through a social Twitter account that is dedicated to the 25-year-old rapper, his fans revealed an amazing moment of the dancer with Kim Jiseok, who participated in Problematic Men, the actor revealed a photo with the group’s idol of K-Pop.

RM, the leader of the South Korean group BTS, has caused a furor in social networks since he joined the group, because at his young age he has managed to conquer the hearts of the ARMY, but what the actor mentioned in that photograph left them very surprised.

Did RM know about the great success of the new song?

That publication they shared on Twitter, you can see the BTS member smiling next to Kim Jiseok, but something that impressed the girls was the comment that the actor made when mentioning that the “V” that he formed with his hands was for the victory of the song “Dynamite”.

We remember that a few days ago BTS’s new song was placed as number one on Billboard, so the South Korean actor did not hesitate to congratulate the idols of the K-Pop group for adding more successes in their musical career, as they have achieved stand out with your great talent.

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RM, like the other BTS idols, have achieved important recognition with their music, which is why they have been one of the most popular K-Pop bands of the moment and now with their recent single “Dynamite” they continue to stir up the ARMY. Did you like the new song?



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