BTS demonstrates flexibility in a stretching session


BTS guys take very good care of their bodies, so they must stretch their muscles before starting the rehearsals. The BANGTAN TV channel on YouTube was updated with a video of the BTS members preparing for a rehearsal with a stretching session .

If you are looking for motivation to stay active even on cloudy days, BTS has come up with a taste of their exercise skills . In the latest video shared by the boys’ YouTube channel, we see them put their flexibility into practice and prepare before beginning one of their spectacular dance routines.

It is a clip filmed months ago, since it is easy to recognize that it is the same space that BTS used to rehearse their presentation at the GRAMMYs 2020 and film the Dance practice of Black Swan.

The stretching session begins with RM and J-Hope working out in front of large mirrors, although we note that the guys chat from time to time during their preparation, the video goes at a fast speed so their conversation cannot be distinguished.

The scene changes and now we see Jimin with Namjoon continue with his preparation, the leader of the group is wearing a slightly different outfit than the previous one, so we can assume that it is a different day. These idols begin to exercise to stretch their arms , which is why they move them and turn from one side to the other.

Later we see Suga training with Jimin , the latter has changed his clothes. They remain lying on the floor in order to carry out the exercises corresponding to the stretching of the legs .

Jimin copies the exercises of Suga and asks how that helps you sleep if he is tired and for painful. He asks them to change legs quickly and they do so. As we listen to Jimin exterminating his tiredness, Suga performs the exercises silently and with his eyes closed, possibly trying to relax his body.

The video of BTS during its stretching session can from now on motivate you to stay healthy with a little exercise every day, which you can also accompany with the music of your favorite idols.

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