BTS debuts at MTV VMAs 2020 with Dynamite


BTS made their official debut at the 2020 MTV VMAs, one of the most popular awards in music. The Bangtan boys were unable to travel to New York due to the ongoing pandemic and the ceremony was held virtually with some live performances, but that did not stop them from taking over the stage from their set in South Korea.

Dynamite boomed on the night of the MTV VMAs, its presentation began with a sunset view of the San Francisco Bridge and they were combining different night scenes that gave it the perfect aura to enjoy a night in the city full of music. Each of the Bangtan members wore a classic suit, made up of flared pants and classic hairstyles that made them look very handsome, just like men from the 90s.

The choreography was full of steps similar to those of the records of that time, the sound of soul and the energy that Dynamite transmits made his performance a retro presentation, full of fun and talent. V stole the ARMY’s sighs with his gallant demeanor, Jimin dressed in a gray suit and waistcoat stole heads with his adorable style and smooth vocals.

BTS also appeared in Time Square, the famous avenue in New York. The K-pop group BigHit was presented as an artist who breaks records and surpasses the marks in just 24 hours, this was the first appearance of the idols on MTV, in addition, they have already been crowned with 2 “Moon Person”.

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