BTS crowned as South Korea’s most powerful celebrities


The tremendous success the group has had globally has positioned them as the most influential idols.

BTS is one of the greatest exponents of the K-pop to world with its music have touched millions of hearts, what brought you to the group rather recognition and presence in all countries of the world.

The magazine Forbes Korea has released its annual list of ‘Power Celebrity 40’ which is a ranking that measures the impact of artists and athletes Koreans in the world through social networks, media like television, newspapers and radio, in addition to his earnings and his level of media abroad.

Grouping Big Hit Entertainment positioned at the top of the list of the year 2020 , giving them the title of ‘ most powerful celebrity in South Korea’ for their different work campaigns advertising and its popularity at global level.

This is the second year that BTS is placed in the first of ‘Power Celebrity 40’ of magazine Forbes , for the year 2018 was the first time that the same position for their earned working steady and talent .

Other prominent entertainment and sports figures on this list include: Baseball player Ryu Hyun Jin, film director Bong Joon Ho, comedian Park Na Rae, and television host Jeon Hyun Moo.


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