BTS creates a time capsule. What’s in the box?


BTS was a special guest at the Youth Day ceremony in South Korea, the singers and rappers made a time capsule to save the most precious and beautiful moments of this time, fans will be able to know its content until the year 2039.

The BTS members celebrated Youth Day at the Blue House, residence and work offices of Moon Jae In, current president of South Korea. The commemoration is one of the most important for the population of that country, as it celebrates the talents and abilities of the new generations.

Jin, Jimin, J-Hope, Jungkook, Suga, V and RM are a reference within K-pop, being one of the male bands with the most global impact, the artists of Big Hit Entertainment represent one of the most important musical phenomena of this era, putting up the name of his nation.

BTS has managed to be the voice of several generations, its message and lyrics reach the hearts of the entire public; Regardless of language, territory or culture, rappers and singers are important figures to follow.

Within the Youth Day event, the Bangtan Boys moved their fans by revealing a time capsule, a box that is filled with different items with priceless emotional value. BTS’s time capsule will be open until 2039.

The box is purple, it is adorned with the well-known logo of the doors of the interpreters of ‘Dynamite’. The South Korean head of state posed with the Korean pop stars and reaffirmed his support and admiration.


The time capsules are very important within the story, as it is a way of telling future generations the impact and the current situation, so the boys of Beyond The Scene will tell their version of current life through their precious memories.

What will the Bangtan Boys time capsule contain? Next, we will present some items that the idol box might have inside.

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Photos are one of the best ways to preserve time, perhaps the BTS members included snapshots and special images on their capsule.


Letter to ARMY
ARMY is a vital part of BTS’s career, so one of the items in the idol time box could be a letter with a special message for all fans.



A video with a special greeting would be amazing, the boys could see each other after so many years and fans of the band would lovingly remember all the BTS artists.


One of the most important things for BTS singers and rappers is music, so we wouldn’t be surprised if they included some special drafts and tracks for the future in their time box.


A super precious item for music stars are the microphones, as they symbolize their power on stage, that’s why the BTS guys could surprise ARMY by including this item in their time capsule.



The Bangtan Boys have a very broad discography, each of their eras represents their concerns and strength, within the time capsule could come one of the most loved record materials by the interpreters of ‘ON’.


The members of BTS are characterized by their good dynamics and friendship, within the time capsule it would be incredible if a diary of the idols came with anecdotes and funny situations from their day to day.


Trophies or awards
BTS’s career has been very prosperous, idols are constantly recognized for their artistic work with medals and trophies, we consider that within the time capsule some important award could come for the boys.


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