BTS covers Harry Styles’ Watermelon Candy


BTS presented a cover of the song ‘Watermelon Sugar’, the boys showed their taste for Harry Styles’ music.

RM, V, Jungkook Jin, J-Hope, Jimin and Suga are promoting the release of ‘Dynamite’, their most recent single in English, which has broken many playback records and is one of the most listened to songs on digital platforms. .

The idols of the company Big Hit Entertainment have carried out many activities with the media, press tours, interviews and talks with different entertainment figures, with whom they have revealed some details of the creative process of ‘Dynamite’ and their work as musicians of the K -pop.

In one of these interviews with the show ‘Good Morning Britain’, the singers and rappers, in addition to showing their very retro looks, made their admiration for Harry Styles clear by covering the song ‘Watermelon Sugar’.

Although the performance of the boys lasted only a few seconds, their energy came out and in front of the cameras they began to sing “Watermelon Sugar”, while moving their bodies from left to right, making an incredible combination with their voices. RM, leader of the band said:

We have suga here

And Min Yoongi only replied with a:


Kim Namjoon made a funny joke about the resemblance of Suga’s name to Styles’s song, so his teammates laughed and the BTS rapper kept dancing. What jokers!

Another member of the rapper line of the Bangtan Boys who took the opportunity to dance was J-Hope, who got up from his seat very effusively and began to do some steps that conquered ARMY. Owww.

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This is another taste of how talented and creative the Bangtan Boys are. Netizens reacted immediately, talking about the charisma of Korean pop idols, and some commented on Suga and Hoseok’s unmatched footsteps.

It is not the first time that artists have confessed that they like Harry’s musical proposal, as Kim Seok Jin shared that among his favorite songs is the British singer’s track, as it is a happy and fresh song.

Can you imagine a collaboration between these two great stars of music? It would undoubtedly be a hit within the charts and the video would be an interesting combination between Harry’s style and that of the bulletproof boys.


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