BTS could be preparing their comeback for November


BTS could return with more music, the idols are organizing the release of a new record material, a possible date for the premiere of their comeback is speculated.

For some time there has been talk about the comeback date of BTS, the boys presented a new facet of their careers with the premiere of ‘Dynamite’, their first single completely in English and that has positioned itself within the best places of the chats of international music.

The song ‘Dynamite’ was released on August 20 of this year and the official YouTube MV already has more than 347 million views, another great achievement for the popular K-pop band.

Months ago, a rumor emerged that possibly the Big Hit Entertainment group is preparing a record material full of surprises, it was said that the premiere of the new album would be in September, but so far there is no official announcement.

Recently, many major Korean entertainment companies revealed the plans they have for their groups and soloists for the remainder of 2020, the comebacks, solo debuts and other promotions of their clients.

The South Korean company eBest Investment Securities announced a long relationship in which the future activities of Korean pop groups are shared, the names of famous groups are on the agenda.

The information shows the Bangtan Boys and the date of their musical comeback would be scheduled for November, so maybe ARMY can enjoy all the talent of Jin, J-Hope, Jimin, Jungkook, Suga, RM and V very soon.

Without a doubt, the performers of ‘ON’ plan a surprising musical comeback, they are one of the most popular K-pop bands and their comeback would be different from others they have already presented, will the public be able to witness a new era of the Bangtan Boys? during the month of November?

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