BTS continues to win Hot 100 with Dynamite


BTS peaks at # 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 and triumphs for the third week in the Top 10. The BigHit group continues to add millions of views of “Dynamite”, their first single in English and with which they sought to encourage ARMY. From records on YouTube, vinyl, TikTok merch, and challenge, idols have received support from their fandom and led to the top of the most popular music chart.

Through their official networks, Billboard announced that BTS reached the second place in the Hot 100 list, “Dynamite” still does not leave the Top 10 thanks to the work of ARMY and the reproduction projects they have carried out, in addition to the transmissions in radio and non-K-pop users, this is the third week the boys have appeared in the rankings.

According to information from Billboard, Bangtan managed to sell 136 thousand digital copies this week, ranked # 16 in digital streams and managed to enter the chart of Radio Songs in position 46, as it obtained more than 18 million listeners In the days gone by, “Dynamite” has been their most popular single.

The thousands of copies they have sold was a new brand that they broke after 4 years, since digital downloads tend to decrease with the passing of days, but donations, new possible ARMYS or people who have heard the song have decided to buy it and have helped the group stay on the songs of the moment.

The guys have also released various versions of the song, from EDM remix, to acoustic tracks to enjoy “Dynamite” as you prefer, they also reached 350 views on YouTube. On TikTok, the track has been used in more than 900 thousand videos, in addition to the challenges.

The challenge for next week is to regain the top spot or stay within the top 10 most listened to songs so far in August and September to maintain the longevity of “Dynamite” on Billboard.

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