BTS confirms MV Spring Day theory


BTS responds to the theories surrounding the song and MV for “Spring Day,” a tribute to the victims of the 2014 Sewol Ferry accident.

The K-pop group started with the promotions of “BE”, so so far they have made a couple of presentations with “Life Goes On”, as well as some interviews where the idols shared details of the album’s creative process, the inspiration behind their music and also recalled some moments of their career, they even spoke of a fact that marked them deeply.

Through the Esquire portal, BTS made a fun interview where they reacted to some of their videos, including old presentations where Jungkook wore an incomplete carrot costume and became a meme among ARMY, the group also explained some funny and confusing moments of his career Like why Jimin cheated during the game of “The Tonight Show” With Jimmy Fallon “and the idol had to admit his guilt as a man of courage. LOL

The K-pop group also expressed its support and love to John Cena, one of its biggest fans when watching the video where he praises them, on the other hand, V explained the meaning behind his phrase “I’m a good boy” during His appearance on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” he admitted he just wants to be a good boy. Jin relived the shock Ashton Kutcher gave him during a game of hide and seek with James Corden.

However, in the written interview offered by Bangtan to the Esquire medium, the boys took up one of their biggest hits, “Spring Day”, one of their most emotional and special songs. The group was questioned about the meaning behind the lyrics and explained the truth about the theory that fans created for 3 years, admitting that there is a very sad fact behind the video.


The song was released in 2017 as part of his album “Your Never Walk Alone”, better known as “Wings”, since its premiere it became one of his best songs, not only for the lyrics, but for the message behind the herself, which seems to be a farewell and consolation to the victims and relatives of the accident that occurred in 2014.

South Korea suffered great mourning after a ferry sank, 304 of the 400 on board died, there was negligence in exceeding passenger capacity, as well as in rescue activities. This fact marked the country politically and socially and BTS decided to pay tribute with the song.

The theory of “Spring Day” is about the transition from life to death, leaving the past behind. In the video, there are scenes that keep elements related to the accident, such as the tennis shoes that Jimin carries, the victims’ shoes were placed on the seashore, there are also yellow ribbons, ribbons that the students used in honor of their classmates .

The combination of the scenes shows the group in a kind of limbo, where they see their best memories and although they move from one place to another, between train tracks, wagons and the sea, they always arrive at the same place, a room called “Onelas “, Trying to convey that families will never be able to forget their loved ones, but in the end, they manage to reach a peaceful place where they are happy and leave their past behind, the MV is very melancholic, in lyrics, music and in tone of the color palette that was used in the images.

BTS also looked back on career moments, such as the collaboration with Max and Suga, their Halloween practice dance in costumes, why they can’t keep their bedroom in order, the “Dynamite” record for having over 100 million views on. YouTube in just 24 hours and finally a GRAMMY prediction, RM teased and asked the Academy to be encouraged to call them.

In addition to the theories surrounding their music, the boys of BTS also inspired the creation of a new collection of hanbok dolls in collaboration with Mattel that will represent their Korean culture.


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