BTS confesses their true feelings in Break The Silence


The first episode of Break The Silence showed us important messages from the BTS guys.

The premiere of docuserie of BTS has finally arrived and with it, the fans of this idol group have taken a first look at what this production is by offering a more personal and full space of honesty where we see members of the group share their feelings through the experiences they live day by day.

If you missed the premiere of the first episodes of Break The Silence , don’t worry, we bring you some highlights from this incredible production. In this first part of the docuseries, the most famous idols in the world shared with their fans a bit of the emotions that go through being part of such an important project, so they opened their hearts to the camera and confessed their feelings.

Perseverance is one of the virtues of Jin , who constantly remembers the phrase “those who keep trying without giving up are those who succeeded.” So the idol shares that, because he is not satisfied with his talent , he will always try to try harder and show the best of himself.

For J-Hope , his history with BTS has been an extremely important part in his life, but without a doubt 2018 was an even more special year for him, the reason is that during that time he had the possibility to release his own mixtape, so it was like a dream come true.

During this time, V has not only started a career as an idol, he also became involved in the writing of his songs, so he shared that seeing his work, the rest of the boys motivated him to continue composing and practicing, what that made him gain confidence. Photography is one of his passions, so he tries to involve these two activities by stating in his lyrics the way he sees the world through his photos and the way this activity makes him feel.

The BTS leader reaffirms his perspective regarding the union and the strength that the group represents, saying that for him it is as if the seven members were in a boat, a stage where despite each one looking in different directions, they worked together to go the same way.

Jimin shares a similar idea, since the idol confesses that he used to ask himself how it was possible that they could continue on this journey without fighting since their personalities are completely different, but over time he has realized that although they have differences, they share a same goal that helps them stay together and complement each other.

J-Hope’s perspective is nothing far from that idea, since he considers that since the seven have been together for so long, they can have total trust between them, since they know that none will give up and will continue trying to improve, such as they have done so far.

Living all these adventures and traveling the world is much better when done in the company of a group like this, Suga said , who confesses that he often reflects on the way they started this journey together and, although for many it could be coincidence, he thinks the BTS members were meant to meet.

Considering all these guys have been through, Jungkook takes a look into the future, as he wishes that when time goes by he can ask ARMY how they did it while working as BTS in their youth, hoping that this project will be enduring for fans as much as for them.

Break The Silence will continue to bring great excitement to ARMY , as well as preparations for the next BTS album that the boys have shared since their online meetings with fans.


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