BTS concerts in LA: fans share fun ideas for attending upcoming boy band events


BTS fans are known to be aggressive when it comes to supporting their K-pop idols on social media, but fans, collectively known as ARMY, have shown their humorous side ahead of the boy band’s concerts in The Angels.

The “BTS Permission to Dance on Stage – LA” will take place on November 27-28 and December 1-2 at the SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles. Some ARMY members came up with creative ideas to attend the upcoming concerts without spending money.

“Desi armys, listen to me, Los Angeles is 13500 km from India and the bts concert will be held in 60 days, so if we swim at the speed of 225 km per day, that is, 155 meters per minute, we can get there. just in time, “the fan tweeted.

A fellow ARMY got a little more creative. “Friends and I are on our way to attend bts 4 concerts in Los Angeles,” wrote the fan, along with a photo of people swimming with life jackets.

Another fan quickly responded, “Dory said, ‘Keep swimming, so let’s go !!! ”

An ARMY member wanted the scammer from “Squid Game” (Gong Yoo) to invite her to join the lethal games so that she she she could earn money to attend the concert.

Some fans are “begging” the boy band music label to publish live broadcasts of the events.

“@ BigHit_Music I beg of you on my knees, please broadcast the #PTS On Stage LA concert live, I want to see @BTS_twt on stage with ARMY in the audience,” said a BTS fan.

“BTS Permission To Dance On Stage – LA” will be their first in-person concert in two years.

The SoFi stadium can hold up to 100,240 people, according to the venue’s official website.

The in-person music events come on the heels of their online concert “Permission forDance On Stage,” which will take place on October 24th. It will be streamed exclusively through the Weverse app.


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