BTS comeback will reveal the track


The boys of BTS are gearing up for a new music release, but an important track has been released for the idol group’s comeback.

After the success achieved with Dynamite, fans and BTS members share a feeling of excitement for an upcoming comeback with more music and big surprises. The date of its next premiere may be closer than you imagine, as the Smeraldo Flower Shop shared a signal that aroused the suspicions of the ARMYs.

As you know, there are some theories that refer to the relationship that Floristería Smeraldo and its blog share with BTS, the history of their universe and the announcements of this K-Pop group.

On several occasions, the posts that Smeraldo’s blog makes about the opening of a new location coincide with the announcement of new releases by the Bangtan Sonyeondan boys, but the same happens when the blog announces that it will be closed to provide attention to the flower shop.

Recently, the Smeraldo Florist shared a message announcing the closure of the blog, the message reads the following:

For the moment, I decided to close my blog to focus on the store. I’ll be waiting for the day when we meet again.

While we wait for more surprises and more music from BTS, the group already has many activities planned for the month of September, find out the details and follow in the footsteps of the idols of Big Hit Entertainment.

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