BTS ‘colorful Dynamite sets come to Fortnite video game


The set of the official video of ‘Dynamite’ is now available in the Fortnite video game, each of your games could be enlivened with the hit song of the Bangtan Boys, look how the arenas look with the locations of the most recent MV of the band of K-pop.

Jin, Jimin, J-Hope, Jungkook, V, Suga and RM have not stopped promoting the English single ‘Dynamite’ all over the world, a song that was designed to bring joy and happiness to the public in the midst of difficult times.

Idols have collaborated with big brands from all areas, such as technology, beauty, home and even with famous car companies, now, rappers and singers get to take up video games with their participation for Fortnite.

Fortnite is one of the most famous games in the world, its dynamics of getting weapons while saving your life in different locations, the creation of Epic Games has a very loyal fanbase that is attracted by its dances, collaborations and dynamics.

It was recently announced that the boys of BTS would be gracing the Fortnite Royal Party on September 25, players will be able to dance to the rhythm of ‘Dynamite’ and your character will be on the field enjoying the virtual presentation of the idols.

Some of the colorful sets of the official ‘Dynamite’ video have already been recreated in Fortnite, in the streets of the video game you can see the large parking lot with the word ‘DISCO’, the donut shop and the basketball court, the replicas of the scenarios from BTS’s MV are amazing and have the same light touches that are seen in the clip.

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Other locations that stand out within the video game that appear in ‘Dynamite’ are the vinyl record store, some cars and in the background there is an advertisement that simulates a Hollywood sign, but with the word BTS. Yay!

The code for the BTS field in Fortnite is now available and some users have already purchased the package of steps for their characters to dance to the choreography of the Big Hit Entertainment group.

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