BTS: Chris Martin Asks You About PTDC, ARMY, Their Success, And More


Chris Martin’s interview with the K-Pop band BTS turned out to be an unexpected and exciting combination. This was what happened.

What is BTS‘s biggest inspiration and what do you think about their music being so inclusive? Coldplay’s Chris Martin interviewed all 7 singers and rappers for YouTube Released, asked them about the Permission To Dance Challenge, and more.

Finally, the day of the long-awaited launch of the special video of BTS’s Permission To Dance Challenge arrived , for its world premiere they had a luxury godfather and that is that Chris Martin from Coldplay met with the idols of K-Pop .

The interview of BTS and the vocalist of Coldplay touched important points in the career of Korean artists, such as their impact among audiences from all over the world, their work of inclusion with all types of fans, and the meaning of the love they received from your debut.

The Scientist performer joked about the Permission To Dance single dancing, considering himself a person who is not very skilled at dancing, but RM cheered him on with praise about his way of moving on stage at Coldplay concerts.


Chris Martin shared with the GRAMMY nominees that after watching the PTDC he was very excited because many people participated, including people with visual and hearing disabilities, asked them about their feelings at those times.

Jin commented that they are not very clear if they give more energy to the fandom or ARMY is the one who fills the hearts of the members of BTS , the response of the fans is key to demand more and more and give them more hope in the midst of adverse times.

Being together in this really gives us a lot of strength, we want to try harder and show you more.

Then the Coldplay member asked the Butter interpreters if they really feel their popularity and that they are a global phenomenon, they answered that many times it is a bit difficult to measure their impact:

When we look at ourselves, sometimes we feel like we are like, almost nothing.


When you see the fans, their eyes, dancing and singing in front of them, their energy, their honesty and message, their lyrics, their words, those were the only reasons we didn’t give up and that’s the only reason for the existence of the band.

They also remembered their first performance with more than 50 thousand people and at that moment everything changed, especially because they set out to be better: a better band , team, workgroup and now they have achieved many important things.


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