BTS choreographer reveals idols were planning surprises for their fans


BTS idols had very big plans for their comeback and concerts worldwide. BTS was preparing a big surprise for their fans with the record material ‘ Map of the Soul: 7’.

At the beginning of the year, BTS surprised the world with the release of a new record material , RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook promoted ‘Map of the Soul: 7’ with a great international project

The members of BTS spent a long season in the United States, attended important shows, programs, awards and appeared in different venues to interact with ARMY .

On each BTS album the boys try to deliver a special message, in ‘ Map of the Soul: 7’ the Big Hit Entertainment idols made an internal journey to the ‘ Map of the Soul’, inspired by the work of Carl Gustav Jung, a acclaimed psychiatrist doctor and psychologist.

The main single for the album ‘Map of the Soul: 7’ was the song ‘ ON ‘, which mixes sounds from university bands and gospel songs, the choreographer for ‘ON’ was the dancer Sienna Lalau.

Sienna is originally from Hawaii , from a very small beginning to dance, she is a collaborator with famous dance studios such as The Playground Dance Studio, Hypersquad Dance Company and The Headquarters.

Sienna Lalau revealed in an interview that the BTS guys had been planning something huge for their return to the stage , but due to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic the planned activities and dynamics had to be canceled.

The 19-year-old dancer also mentioned that even though she can’t say much on the subject, she knows that everything BTS was about to present would be amazing, she concluded by saying that maybe, hopefully after things calm down the idols can publish any surprises for their fans.

Lalau explained that the 7 Bangtan Boys are very humble, simple and unique, that the aura they express is very cool, despite the language barrier it was very fun to share the set and rehearsals with them.

BTS’s Suga recently named Namjoon as ‘Best Voice Actor’, the leader of BTS was a guest on Suga’s radio show KULL FM 06.13 and the tonality of his voice gave him a great achievement.

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