BTS chooses their favorite color to dye their hair


BTS chooses their favorite color to dye their hair. The boys have used different looks since their debut, but these are the ones they liked the most.

Since their debut, we have seen the BTS guys use different looks, all designed so that they adapt perfectly to the concept of each comeback and also make them look amazing.

Although all of them fit very well, there are some that throughout the different ages have become fans’ favorites and because of this, every time the group announces their return, they expect some of the members to resume the look that at one point he stole their hearts.

Do you have a favorite hair tone for your BTS bias ? Well, if they are very clear about the color they liked to use , find out what it is here.


Most of the time we have seen him use discrete shades to dye his hair, however not all have been. Jungkook explains that the reason we have seen him that way more often is because in fact, the color he prefers to use is simply black.


The idol has shown different styles, but so far none has managed to win the first place in the red color. Do you remember when you used it this way during 2018? It is certainly a color that makes it look great.


Hoseok agrees with Taehyung’s opinion, since he has also chosen red hair as the one he liked most of all those he has used since his debut.


Jimin is probably the BTS member who has experimented most with his hair, trying out different colors that offer him a wide range of possibilities to choose his favorite look. It is precisely because of this situation that the idol confesses that it is very difficult for him to decide, so he has chosen to say that he likes them all.


For his part Jin has chosen a color that he used during the Wings promotions in 2016, it is nothing more and nothing less than pink hair. Wow, did you suspect it?


Namjoon has also experimented on different occasions with his hair, using from blue to blond, but this idol confesses that none has been able to overcome the time he used a silver tone, so it has become his favorite look of all that he has used.

And Yoongi? Although Suga chose not to answer the question about his favorite color to dye his hair, one of the ones that has caused the most sensation among his followers is the blond one, what do you think? What is the tone that best suits his?


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