What is the BTS chart? This says about his personality


As you know, there is a belief that, from before our birth, the stars begin to govern our lives, designating qualities, aptitudes and a destiny for each person, but it is until we are born that what our astrological chart says can be revealed.


It is a map or diagram that is drawn with some simple data such as the date and place of birth. The astrological chart of each one has unique qualities, which allow us to have a learning of our own potential.

Knowing your birth chart will reveal the connection you have with the stars, as well as your compatibility with different people, professions and environments, so you can make better choices and at the same time know yourself better.

Read on and discover what the BTS members’ astrological chart reveals to them.



December 30, 1995, Daegu, South Korea

He has a tolerant character, always pursues justice and perfection, is honest and sensible, but is also always responsible for his actions. He has leadership qualities at different levels and wisdom to face new challenges. She is proud of her family and what her roots have taught her.

Moon: Aries

Sun: Capricorn


Daegu, South Korea, March 9, 1993

He has a vocation to become a public image and has discipline as one of his best qualities. It is a being endowed with great popularity, fame, a great facility to capture the needs of the public. He has great perseverance that guides him not to give up and continue to evolve until he reaches his goal.

Moon: Virgo

Sun: Picis


September 12, 1994 in Ilsan-gu, South Korea

He has a positive attitude towards work, he knows how to use the resources at his disposal to get profitable from each situation. Among his qualities are creativity, he has a resplendent personality who likes to experiment. He is a person who likes everything related to educational, artistic or literary activities.

Luna: Sagittarius

Sun: Virgo


December 4, 1992 in Anyang-Gwangcheon, South Korea

He is someone who knows how to win the sympathy of others with ease. Endowed with a dynamic, energetic and resourceful temperament, he knows how to work as a team but despite this he never loses his individuality. He has the desire to achieve tangible values ​​necessary to achieve his well-being.

Moon: Picis

Sun: Sagittarius


February 18, 1994 in Kwangju, South Korea.

A sensitive, unstable, emotional and popular being. He has the ability to absorb what helps him to improve, he likes changes in different aspects of his life and maintains a strong link with his emotional side. He is characterized by his bravery and openness to face any challenge that appears before him, but he also tries to always act wisely.

Moon: Taurus

Sun: Aquarius


October 13, 1995, Busan, South Korea

He is a person who is distinguished by his great desires and efforts, he is observant and adept at communication thanks to the attention he pays to details. He is someone helpful who feels the need to contribute something to those who need it. In addition, he has a strong bond with home and family.

Moon: Gemini

Sun: Libra


September 1, 1997 in Busan, South Korea

He has the ability to communicate with the environment and acquire learning from the situations he must face, he has an inclination for literature. She longs to share her perception with others and possesses unique qualities to achieve this while attracting the attention of everyone around her.

Moon: Leo

Sun: Virgo


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