BTS changes the color of its logo to give hope to ARMY


BTS changes its color to give hope to ARMY, the group presents the new logo design for their next comeback. The boys will resume their activities in K-pop this August 21 with “Dyanamite”, their new song, the countdown continues to run for the return of the idols, who seek to encourage ARMY and conquer the summer with a musical explosion.

Through social media, BTS updated each of their profiles, the deep, energetic and dark era of “Map of the soul 7” is behind us and the group welcomes a new stage in their career with “Dynamite” , with retro designs and pastel colors.

After reporting on their new single, BTS showed off the color change in their official logo design, with the intention of giving ARMY a message of hope. The world situation has not yet improved and they are characterized by raising their voices by and for their fans.

The choice of color is due to the fact that pink is a relaxing, positive tone that gives you the feeling of love, affection and protection. It is also considered as something emotional and kind, in addition it keeps the promise that “everything will be fine”, for some reason the famous phrase “Life in rose”.

The boys explained that the song will be in English and that it is very energetic, they decided to sing it in that language because Jimin’s voice fits perfectly with the lyrics. The BTS logo is now pink, because its message wants to comfort and give hope.

BTS’s new era promises to be a musical explosion of positivity and talent. Are you ready? Tomorrow at 10am (Mexico Time) one of the comeback countdowns will end. BTS is coming!

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