BTS: Celebrities claim Jungkook is even cuter in person


Can you imagine meeting Jungkook in person? Some celebrities have already done it and this is what they thought of the handsome BTS member

It’s a well-known fact that BTS’s Jungkook is a marvel. His big tender eyes, small full lips, sharp jaws, and sexy physique are enough to captivate even through a phone screen, even more so in real life, where most people who have seen him hint that it looks 10 times more fascinating.

These first-hand experiences of witnessing Jungkook’s impressive appearance from people who have met him in real life will make you wish you were in his place.

People who have been shocked by Jungkook

When MBC Radio’s Music Camp scriptwriter Bae Cheol Soo, in which BTS made their appearance on the show on September 14, said, “When I saw (Jungkook), I thought ‘can I get on with my life?’ He’s so handsome … so handsome, really. ”

The editors of Vogue magazine also couldn’t contain themselves when they saw the idol, writing “One by one they file into the room; Jungkook, the youngest, is so surprising in person, audible silence is heard when he enters, startling him a bit “, in his article ‘BTS takes LA with Vogue’.

When the Seoul Chief Tourism Director, who worked with BTS for their ‘See you in Seoul’ ad, spoke about the BTS members, “Jungkook-nim, who is so handsome it’s hard to even look at him, was so polite that he always he made sure to say hello. It felt so good. ”

When a KBS person who saw BTS in person posted on Twitter saying “wow guys … crazy crazy crazy I’m actually working on KBS and I saw you in person … crazy Jungkookie is really different to see through from the camera … Much more handsome. I can’t forget today. It was a good choice that I joined KBS.

When the airport staff shared their true impression when he met Jungkook and J-Hope, and said this about Jungkook: “His face is like a baby’s, but his body is so good that I thought he was really handsome. It was a moment. in which I realized what “love at first sight” is all about.

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“But I misread his name and when I looked at him in a panic, he was smiling at me with shining eyes. My hands were shaking. His physique is amazing like that of a sports major, but his face and speech is like a baby … Jungkook, for looking at me like that, you are a total criminal … He became my last love since then, “the statement read.

Jungkook is the Global Face Genius

Jungkook was recently dubbed ‘Global Face Genius’ by K-media, being praised not only for his stunning visuals but also for his sophisticated sense of fashion.

With her long hair tied back or in a bun and ravishing outfits that inspire others to dress similarly, Jungkook is becoming a true fashion icon today.

Not forgetting how the director of the Korean Language Research Institute, Lim Sung-Soon, stated that Koreans are becoming the center of beauty in the world today as the “Korean Wave” is taking the world by storm.

Jungkook’s duality in the sense that he can look both handsome and boyishly cute is what gives his beauty a class of its own, honestly speaking, there aren’t many celebrities who possess that kind of style.


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