BTS celebrates Youth Day with inspiring speech


The BTS members were part of the first ceremony held in South Korea to celebrate Youth Day and gave a very special speech to motivate other young people.

The boys of BTS have become global music stars, their success is admirable, but knowing their story is even more inspiring. Therefore, no one better than them to give a special message as part of the celebration of Youth Day in their country.

The event was held at the Blue House, where important personalities from South Korea gathered to carry out this ceremony, one of them was President Moon Jae In. The Bangtan Sonyeondan boys wore black outfits and were in charge of sharing a speech according to the date.

It was then that the leader of the Big Hit Entertainment group introduced himself and began thanking them for having invited them, and then pointed out that on this special day, they wanted to send a message to the youth, since it is they who will shine as stars in the next years. But Namjoon would go on to relate his own story, revealing how the BTS members have walked their own path as young people.

If you are experiencing pain in your life in the future, I hope you draw some strength from our 2020 story.

J-Hope was in charge of continuing this talk and said that even if they are now awarded various titles due to their success, for them it may still seem unreal, since the life of an idol is always uncertain, because although they pursue the dream of making music, they don’t know the results they will have. For her part, Suga recalled the feelings they had when debuting and noted that their determination was key to continuing.

We wanted success, more than anyone. Debuting in a small company, and facing pain and worries we continue, sometimes reckless and stubborn, to work hard, and never looking back.

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Jimin said that when they faced difficulties they also had words from others that gave them strength, as a young man who does not know where to go it will always be helpful to have a little guidance as a light.

The road was still difficult according to Jin, as he began to lose confidence as he continued to push himself, it was then that he was able to discover what his true self is. J-Hope turned the story around and said that that’s when BTS began to see a clearer and brighter path in front of them, receiving love and meeting their fans.

As we got love and attention, beyond our expectations, our shadows became longer and heavier.

Within that scenario, having the members as a team was a great support for everyone, so they did not stop trying to give the best of themselves. They continue to renew the dreams they pursue and now these celebs have achieved success even on the Billboard chart.

I hope you stay strong, and you never stop. I hope you can change the world with the power of your thoughts, and become the beacon to guide the youth of the future. BTS will always cheer on the youth of Korea.

Finally, the members of the group left as a gift a box in purple that will be opened in 19 years. It includes memorabilia of your accomplishments that may inspire future generations in time.

Check out the video of the full ceremony below:


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