BTS celebrates the lunar new year with this special drawing for ARMY


The most important tradition in South Korea has arrived and Bangtan celebrates it with a fun dynamic together with their fans. BTS celebrates the Korean Lunar New Year and shares with ARMY their best wishes for 2021, and they showcased their skills in art and drawing with fun dynamics.

The K-pop group of BigHit resumed its schedule to make a special broadcast to celebrate one of the classic traditions of its native country, although it is already in February, the country celebrates the arrival of the New Year according to the Moon calendar, so who wore their elegant and traditional Hanbok for this party.

Through their official YouTube channel, BTS revealed a new Bangtam Bomb from their reunion for the Lunar New Year, the boys organized a meeting in a traditional room, wore classic Korean clothes and put their skills in art and drawing to work. to create a painting commemorating 2021.

In South Korea, February 12 is considered one of the most important days of its culture, since the Lunar Year, in addition to adding an extra year of life to its citizens, also includes celebrations and gifts for the family, generally it is money . This 2021 is represented by the Ox, an animal considered to work, synonymous with wealth, diligence and honesty.


The boys had a small meeting to share with ARMY one of their most important traditions, so they wore Hanboks, traditional Korean clothes and decided to capture the celebration in a drawing that they created together.

For this party, it is common to form a little bag with different seeds or objects that will help us attract good luck, harvests and good omens. Jungkook and Taehyung drew the bag with the image of an Ox, the animal that represents 2021.

Jin and J-Hope were in charge of giving color to the work, they used primary colors to give life to their drawing. Suga, Jimin and RM decided to complement the painting with some stickers, hearts, some phrases, all under a 10-second challenge in which they had to test their speed to finish the drawing.

In the end, everyone explained their part and the meaning behind their drawing, ARMY got to know more about their traditions and the boys wished them a good year.

Besides celebrating the Lunar Year, the boys are preparing for the release of “BE Essential Edition” and ARMY believes that the MV for Fly to my room “is coming soon.


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