BTS celebrates RM with special broadcast for his birthday


The BTS members showed their affection for Namjoon and celebrated his birthday together. The preparations for RM’s birthday filled the entire BTS fandom with excitement, but the group members also took it upon themselves to make this day a very special one for Namjoon. That is how the members joined a live broadcast to share this moment with fans, we tell you everything that happened.

A large number of celebratory projects and messages took place on and off social media, all to commemorate one more year since RM’s birth. In response, this Big Hit Entertainment idol took to V Live to greet his fans, but a surprise was about to begin.

RM related some details of how this day had passed. The leader of BTS said that all the members of the group were together since the beginning of his birthday, but it was J-Hope who congratulated him in the first place.

Fans were listening attentively to Namjoon’s story as the group members appeared alongside him, Suga was carrying a guitar with him, and the festive atmosphere took over.

Once Jin, Jimin, J-Hope, V, Jungkook, and Yoongi were in attendance, they also commented that they had eaten together and were now biding their time to see their performance on The Music Day.

After a moment, the boys started to withdraw from RM’s live show, and Jungkook didn’t miss the opportunity to ask ARMY to congratulate Namjoon on his birthday, but also to tell them how much they love and miss their fans.

Bangtan leader Sonyeondan thanked all the messages and also revealed that he had briefly visited his parents to share a bit of his birthday with them.

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