BTS celebrates Jungkook’s birthday


The BTS members met with their fans and celebrated two important moments that happened recently, Jungkook’s birthday and his first place on the Hot 100 chart.

Despite the difficulties, the boys of Bangtan Sonyeondan have been surrounded by successes during this 2020. The birthday of the group’s maknae gave them reason to celebrate, but the date came with an additional surprise that brought them great joy.

Therefore, the members of the Big Hit Entertainment group held a broadcast on VLive to meet with their fans and celebrate Jungkook and his number one on the weekly Billboard chart with them.

Gathered with a cake and glasses to celebrate, Jin, Jimin, J-Hope, Suga, V, RM, and Jungkook began the live by greeting their fans, then mentioning their good wishes for the maknae on his birthday.

Jungkook also expressed his sincere thanks to all the fans who had sent messages to him and who prepared projects in his honor, noting that he had seen everything through social media.

This makes me think that the simple fact that he was born was a very good thing.

Suga said that because Jungkook enjoys drinking a glass of milk when he wakes up, he made this drink himself to celebrate. While RM gave away BTS’s maknae and pointed out that he sounded a bit hoarse due to crying until the early morning after learning about Bangtan Sonyeondan’s newest achievement on Billboard.

Regarding the number 1 that BTS earned on the Hot 100 chart, Namjoon revealed that he was the one who shared the news in the group chat with the rest of the members. However, the response was unexpected, as only Jin replied to his message. It was until later that everyone gathered to celebrate this success and wept at a new achievement.


Jimin shared that his staff bought a cake for them to celebrate their success on the Hot 100 list, and it was at the same location that he bought the cake in honor of Jungkook’s birthday.

Jungkook also broke a new record due to the huge number of projects that were organized in honor of his birthday, he knows all the details and continues to celebrate this idol.


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