BTS broke records with BE album after release


BTS released “Life Goes On”, the MV for their new album “BE” and they already reached their first records during the first hours of release.

The K-pop group of BigHit will consolidate 2020 as the best year of their career, the boys surprised the ARMY of the world this Thursday night with their most anticipated comeback, an album full of hope and music in which they themselves got involved . “BE” shows their more personal and creative side, because during the past months they have struggled against the quarantine.

Through social networks, ARMY placed various hashtags in the first trends to celebrate the launch of “BE”, BTS’s third comeback in 2020. Just 9 hours after its premiere, the idols have already reached their first sales records , YouTube views and music charts.

BTS held a press conference where they presented the details of their album “BE”, they also talked about their ARMY aspirations and their work on the creative side of the album. ARMY’s support was indispensable from the first hours, since minutes before the live premiere of “Life Goes On” there were more than 1,700 fans following the transmission.


The first figures for BTS with “BE” was the album sales record, positioning itself as Hanteo’s second-highest selling, Korean raking, the K-pop group managed to sell more than 1 million 900 thousand copies on its first day, showing that the ranks of his army of fans grows increasingly.

The presence of BTS in the United States, the main music market, has been positively consolidated, as “BE” and all the songs on the album managed to take over the top 10 of the iTunes chart; In South Korea, Bangtan also managed to enter the country’s charts, especially on Melon, the main platform for K-pop groups, the entire album managed to enter, “Life Goes On” was placed at # 7, “Dynamite “continues its reign at # 1.

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Finally, the MV for “Life Goes On” managed to reach 30 million views on YouTube in seven and a half hours, currently, it registers 37 million 9 hours after its premiere, but the goal within 24 hours is 105. ARMY shared various messages of support and congratulations to BTS for this very personal album where each of them contributed their talent.


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