BTS broke Dynamite teaser new YouTube record!


Following the release of the teaser for Dynamite, K-Pop band BTS achieved a new record on YouTube.

ARMY was looking forward to seeing a preview of the long-awaited Dynamite music video and to their surprise, the South Korean band BTS released a preview of their next song on August 18, since within 24 hours of its release it positioned itself as one of the favorites.

Through the YouTube platform they released the teaser for the new single from the K-Pop band, since in such a short time it achieved 30 million views and various comments from the followers, who were fascinated with the advance.

The promotional video of her long-awaited single has caused a sensation on social networks, even users noticed that the boys of BTS followed the style of Michael Jackson, they even compared the dance steps of the star with the members of the boy band.

BTS gets new record

Through social networks they announced that BTS members once again broke a new record, as the advancement of their long-awaited song has the ARMY very impatient, because in a few days they will be able to enjoy the official Dynamite video.

The new theme of the K-Pop band will be a success, because what could be observed of what the video clip will be, there will be colorful scenographies and of course they will show their best dance steps, because the boys are also talented in music, they are also expert dancers.

ARMY is very eager to enjoy the music video of the most popular boy band BTS of the moment, but for now they will have to wait until August 21 when their new single Dynamite is released. Do you think his new song will break a new record?

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