BTS broke Adele’s record in a short time


Thanks to their followers, the K-Pop group, BTS, has managed to break a new record, although it was not easy at all.

Since the new BTS song was released, the ARMY set a goal, to beat the record for the music video with the most views and visits in a single day, his rival in this goal was once again the singer Adele and although not It seemed like a simple task they accomplished it, causing the K-pop band to set a new record.

It is not the first time that the band has managed to overcome an achievement that was achieved by Adele since in June 2018, BTS also surpassed the British singer when they beat their record for the song with the most countries in which it ranked first. , and that Adele dominated with “Hello”, but the Korean boyband ended up winning with their song “Black Swan”, which became a trend in 104 countries.

BTS took on Adele’s record

Adele’s followers will face off against the gigantic groups of BTS fans, who have set out to win the record for the song with the most views in a week in the history of the YouTube video platform. And it is that, since the song “Dynamite” came out, the K-Pop band has been placed at the top of almost all the popularity charts in the world in its return to the pandemic.

Many users of social networks criticized that the followers of the K-Pop group, known as ARMY, have agreed in order to catapult the success of BTS to surpass Adele’s record, because for many, the singer achieved those visits organically and not as a result of fans organizing to get them to the top of YouTube.

Although for other users, the success of BTS is irreproachable and allows to see how much the K-pop genre has taken root in almost all countries, mainly in the United States, Mexico and Argentina, which are the most frequent consumers of this musical content.

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The record BTS broke thanks to ARMY

And the song generated around 3 million views, after almost 20 minutes, they had already become 10 million and increased again to 20 million, reaching 74 minutes after being released, according to YouTube data. Thus, within 24 hours of being released, the video reached an impressive 101.1 million views. This Monday it exceeded 181 million.

In addition, “Dynamite” managed to be among the most listened to songs in the world and entered the list of the 50 songs and that by the way, is not available in South Korea. The song also achieved the best debut of this year in terms of views, as it achieved 7.778 million listens in its first 24 hours, surpassing in about 35 thousand views the recent success of Taylor Swift with “Cardigan.”

The K-pop genre has received a very important boost in recent years, after its first forays into the music market in the United States and Latin America, the number of followers has been increasing exponentially on the continent. An occasion that the music producers of South Korea could not miss.

An example is the recent statements by JY Park, who directs the JYP Entertainment agency, who said that the plan that many production companies have is to create K-pop content originating in Latin America and in that way, continue to amass followers in order to compete with the great music industries such as Sony or Warner in their own country, although even the best exponents of the production companies affirm that this is seen as a very distant dream.


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