BTS broke a new record thanks to their hatred


BTS breaks a new record with the MV for “Dynamite”, the video becomes the fastest to have 1 million dislikes on YouTube.

The K-pop group Bighit continues with the preparations for their new comeback with their album “BE”, they have also made several presentations and the release of new official merchandise. Despite being one of the most popular artists of the moment, idols are also victims of haters, but the records for BTS keep coming.

Through social networks, it was announced that the MV for “Dynamite”, his most recent single and his first song in English, “has already registered almost half a billion views; However, despite being one of his most viral songs, it has also received a million dislikes on the platform.

Some ARMYs shared congratulatory messages for the new record as a joke, even if it is negative numbers, BTS continues to add records with music. “Dynamite” has been one of the great releases of the K-pop group, as they managed to position themselves on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.


Bangtan earned the title of the fastest YouTube video to receive a million dislikes, a mark they had already achieved with the MV of “Boy With Luv”, despite the criticism or comments from so-called haters, it remains a record in his career.

ARMY shared a few messages and thanked the people who gave a thumbs down to set the boys’ new record. Currently, “Dynamite” continues to lead digital sales and streams on the Billboard and Korean charts, and has also extended its promotion through TikTok.

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BTS is expected to break new records with “BE”, their next album, whose pre-sale is now available. The Korean pop group will return on November 20 and ARMY is counting down the days to listen to their new music, as it was an album where all the members got involved.


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